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Do you need more leads, a lower cost of conversion or simply more sales with less money to spend on marketing? Carmen Arnevik, WA & A Marketing will deliver results fast using the newest marketing techniques without losing sight of the importance of the tried-and-true methods that result in stronger campaigns and useful metrics.

Avoid the high overhead costs of a traditional advertising agency or web marketing firm and fast forward your marketing with WA & A Marketing.

FREE ONLINE CUSTOMER SURVEY --- call today for your free online customer survey consultation package valued at over $2,000* (click here for more information) or call us at (206) 612 – 2723.


The first step to establishing a strong brand is in understanding your market, competition and target customers.


It is essential to consider the 'New Rules of Marketing & PR' in developing your marketing program.


Paid search marketing is a great way to ensure successful search rankings regardless of your ranking in the organic search listings.


Generating leads and driving purchases through direct marketing campaigns can be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

Carmen Arnevik, WA & A Marketing, Seattle, WA Internet Marketing Strategies

Are you too busy growing your business to stay current with the latest in marketing? You’re not alone. When you can’t keep up with rapid changes and fear you’re falling behind, call Carmen Arnevik, WA & A Marketing to revitalize your marketing.

Don’t let old school thinking hold you back, call today and charge ahead instead. (206) 612 – 2723.

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Whether you’re launching a new company or aggressively pursuing increased revenue goals, you lack the time to even figure out the 'New Rules of Marketing and PR', let alone implement them. So give Carmen Arnevik, your Freelance Marketing Consultant and network of marketing specialists a call. With over 20+ years experience in the strategic, analytic and research-driven principles of both online and offline marketing, Carmen knows the in's and out's of both worlds. 

Are you looking for more leads, a lower cost of conversion or simply more sales? Carmen will deliver results using the newest marketing techniques without losing sight of the importance of the tried-and-true methods that result in stronger campaigns and useful metrics.

Example Assignments:

  • Marketing plan – Developing your overall marketing strategy and plan is critical for success. As opportunities arise or your business environment changes, the objective and marketing strategies outlined in your marketing plan will point you toward the best action. Without a strategic marketing plan, you risk becoming unfocused in your marketing efforts, resulting in guesses about what might be best for your business. I have extensive experience developing a multitude of marketing plans including for companies such as Getty Images, Microsoft (Taskmarket.com), EdenHome.com, GiftCertificates.com, The Effectiveness Institute, Front Porch Classics and Umbro Soccer.

  • Online Marketing – Navigating the waters of the latest online marketing techniques is not for the faint at heart. Knowing whether or not to post a blog or Twitter your customers or whether it would be more effective to focus on optimizing your website in search engines is critical for any business wanting to maximize results and increase ROI. Let me, with my 7+ years experience in search, email and web marketing help guide you in achieving success online.

  • SEO / SEM – Optimizing your website so it can be found in search engines is the first step to establishing your business online. Augmenting your SEO / organic search marketing efforts with a paid search (PPC) campaign helps to further generate click through to your website and ultimately sales leads or e-commerce sales for your brand. I have been trained in search marketing techniques and have managed search marketing campaigns for startup and growth companies such as EdenHome.com, BioPassword.com and Microsoft TaskMarket.com. For larger brands with bigger ad spend I can help find and manage a search marketing agency to best fit your needs.

  • Direct Marketing – Direct marketing is the perfect approach to generating qualified leads and turning those leads into sales. That’s because direct marketing is: Targeted, Testable and Trackable. Using list selects based on demographics and psychographics to target the most promising prospects, testing the lists, testing creative executions and offers, identifying trigger events, and providing detailed back-end analysis, database marketing strategies and tactics can be created to pinpoint quality leads and reach them with the right message at the right time. With my catalog and direct marketing experience working with B2B companies such as Getty Images and GiftCertificates.com I can help you develop the right direct marketing program to achieve your goals.

  • Other marketing services – As a 20+ year marketing veteran with experience across all facets of marketing I can offer assistance with any number of assignments include market research and customer surveys, brand strategy and positioning work, product development, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, online advertising and offline advertising
Current Assignment: EdenHome.com

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